Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fragrance Faux You

Hello, and welcome to our blog and online store. We are so excited about our new line of sea glass jewelry that of course is all natural and earth friendly plus it is crafted of recyclable material.
Our latest creation comes from Curritick Sound in North Carolina. It's a light green gem wrapped in silver. This is a one of a kind all natural and earth friendly artistic piece.
We are offering to you are valued customer a special promotional price for this awesome all natural and earth friendly jewel.
Hurry this gem will not last very long. Thank you for your support and encouragement in our home grown business. Remember all of our products are earth friendly and all natural.

Aine and Ronbert

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fragrance Faux You

Hello, and welcome to our blog and online store. We believe in producing items that are natural and earth friendly. Our line of all natural and earth friendly jewelry has taken off to a fantastic start. We are branching out and placing our wonderful sea glass art jewelry in stores and offices across the country. We are so excited with this new adventure.

This week Ronbert and I will be traveling to the panhandle of Florida. We will be searching for oil free sea glass that has washed up on the beaches in the panhandle. Not only will this help unlitter our pristine (hopefully) beaches but will add stock to our jewelry line of natural and earth friendly pieces.

We are looking forward to our trip and our excitement over this new jewelry is really turning our wheels. There is a chance we may even find a new faux fragrance while walking the beaches.

Today's featured item is called 'Boot Beer'. You must be an avid Piers Anthony reader to understand the meaning of 'Boot Beer'. This piece of glass was confiscated from the trash during our New York visit this summer. Thank you for not littering.

Once again Ronbert and I thank all of our loyal customers for their support and encouragement in our endeavors. Remember all of our items are natural and earth friendly.


Aine and Ronbert

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fragrance Faux You

Hello and welcome to our blog and online store. I am so glad for your visit. Things here have been slow - very slow. The depressed economy has not been good for small business and the general population. When money is tight people do not buy faux fragrances. I guess they are not worried about how they smell. Paying the rent is a priority over smelling like heaven.

Once again Ronbert and I have had to reevaluate our business line of faux fragrances that have always been natural and environmentally friendly. We strive to survive compatibly with Mother Nature.

For the time being we will be letting the faux fragrances take a shelf in the back room. Now, we have decided that recycling and reusing many of the earth's treasure that once again are natural and earth friendly, into sell able products. This is our new passion in life. Everyone needs a passion. These are products everyone will love, cherish and pass on down into family history.

We are doing our part in saving the earth to collect bottles that some 'not so nice people' have tossed on our great green earth. We are recycling these bottles and turning them into awesome masterpieces. Technically they are not true sea glass but we feel we are doing a marvelous service to mankind. What we do is take them to the beach swish them around a little in the water take them home with a minuscule bucket of sand and tumble them into pieces of art. And I think people are buying original earth friendly and natural jewelry even though they have quit buying fragrances. You can look good and others will overlook the smell.

Now, we are selling a few of our one of a kind original faux sea glass jewelry. They are selling fast and furiously, so get that order in today before they are gone. Free shipping. And you will feel so good about helping keep Mother Nature free of debris and junk.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fragrance Faux You

Good morning and welcome to our blog and on line store Fragrance Faux You. I am sorry it has been so long since an update, special or just a friendly chat. Our business is doing quite well despite the state of the economy and other issues.
We have added a new line to our fragrances and it is hand tumbled and hand wrapped jewelry. I understand that jewelry has really nothing to do with fragrances but eventually the jewelry will need its very own website and marketing company. This venture is just in its infancy. We are hoping that it does as well or 'more better' than the fragrances.
Our newest fragrance is 'eau de oil'. Since we live in Florida capturing this smell - I mean fragrance is quite simple. One only needs to step outside - take a deep inhale - and there you have the smell I mean odor - I mean fragrance.
There is talk about burning the oil and that of course will produce an entirely new smell - I mean fragrance. As yet that scenario has not happened.
We have also decided to create an oil slick body butter. Our plan is to go to our once pristine white sandy beaches and collect said pollutants - I mean products to sell and market. We will call it BP body butter and it will clog your pores and seep into your system. Wait that doesn't sound too good. We will have to think up a new marketing strategy.
More breaking news - ----- - today is Ronbert's birthday and we are celebrating. Today and today only we are offering a two for one sale with free shipping. Please help celebrate Ronbert's special day. Donations of the green stuff is always appreciated and always a welcome handout. We unlike the failing banks have not been given a safety net in this down turn economy. We also do not charge outrageous prices and sell to those that cannot afford our products.
Thank you all for your loyalty and support. And wish Ronbert a Happy Birthday.

Aine and Ronbert

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fragrance Faux You

Hello, and welcome to our blog and online store Fragrance Faux You. Our store is struggling just as the rest of the nation. Our wonderful all natural earth friendly products are available for you our wonderful customers. Today, even the all natural products are getting hard to produce with the cost of everything going way beyond our means and paycheck.

We have decided to ask for our small business bail out. We are placing all future products on a holding pattern until this pathetic economy has a major turn-around or turn left. We will wait patiently for our bail out money and our incentives in our paychecks. If this is an inconvenience to our loyal customers we do apologize. We will be up and running with the wolves as soon as possible.

Have a bless day,

Aine and Ronbert

Monday, March 30, 2009

Fragrance Faux You

Hello and welcome to our blog and online store. Ronbert and I have been so busy working with our products and with the economy in the toilet it has been difficult. We have had to cut back on our research and development and other services. I'm sure many people have had to cut back, scrimp and reuse paper towels. It's been a difficult time for everyone. We were hoping that our alternative fuel concept would take off like a firecracker but that has not happened. We have discontinued that aspect of our business and Ronbert is now taking beano pills. We have invented yet another wonderful earth friendly and all natural product for our adoring customers.
We are so excited about this new venture and how it will turn many lives around. We will continue to sell our fragrances and try if possible to invent more of our all natural earth friendly fragrances. Tomorrow we will unveil our newest project. Remember all of our products are earth friendly and natural. We also carry our own cloth bags whenever we go to a store to make purchases. We thank all of our loyal friends and customers for their support and encouragement.

Have a bless day,

Aine & Ronbert

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fragrance Faux You

Hello, Happy Holidays and welcome to our blog and online store. A tremendous 'thank you' to all of our cherished customers who insist on purchasing our fantastic all natural earth friendly products. Our brand new fantabulous - 'Scratch and Sniff and Peel and Stick Tramp Stamp Ta-two' has been a HUGE success. I am just amazed with the amount of loyal customers who have purchased our lively new product that as always is all natural and earth friendly. The 'Tramp Stamp' we have shortened the title a wee bit has been a total sell out.

We actually had to disconnect our phone. The battery also went dead and the Sprint store was closed and I didn't want to order online and then I had to do more research as our wonderful customers wanted MORE -'Tramp Stamps.' So Ronbert and I (actually it was just me because Ronbert likes to watch the telly at night) worked our tails off inventing yet two more new 'Tramp Stamps'.

There is only a few shopping days left before the big day hits us head first and we have added free shipping to all of our previous customers. Hurry and place your order for our new 'Tramp Stamp'. All of our products are earth friendly and natural.

Our two latest creations we have labeled as - 'Stinker Toys' and 'Mr. Sad Face', I got that brain fart for 'Stinker Toys from just cleaning out the fridge for the holidays. The aroma is stupendous. 'Mr. Sad Face' is for all of you ladies that have been dumped by a chump. You can proudly display the face of the chump that dumped you right above your rump - or lower if you choose. The fragrance for 'Mr. Sad Face' is kaboose kabobs.

Hopefully the phone will be working today or not - so to be on the safe side order online and receive free shipping. We so appreciate your business and your loyalty has helped this business grow. No layoffs, pay cuts, job cuts or bailouts for us. We aim to please all of our customers with American made all natural earth friendly products.

Have a bless day and a safe and happy CHRISTMAS, (I can say those words on my blog)


love to all,

Aine and Ronbert